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What the hay, I've been making these images for a while now; I started out intending to post them on ponychan, but then I started to not like ponychan anymore. So I'll post 'em here, one per day!

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Geek - serious

25th Amendment?!

On my way to lunch today I saw a woman standing by the side of the road holding something up and showing it to the first car in line at the traffic light. When the light turned green and I drove past, I saw that she had a poster depicting President Obama with a Hitler mustache and the slogan "Invoke the 25th Amendment". I didn't remember at the time what the 25th Amendment was, but when I saw the Hitler mustache, I stuck out my middle finger at her.

When I got home, I looked up the 25th Amendment. It covers Presidential succession. Basically:

Section 1. If the President dies or resigns, the Vice President takes over.

Section 2. If the Vice President's job is vacated, the President gets to nominate a new one, and both Houses of Congress vote on him.

Section 3. If the President says in writing "I can't do this job right now", the Vice President takes over temporarily.

Section 4. If the Vice President and a bunch of other government officers say in writing "The President can't do his job", the Vice President takes over as Acting President.

I've oversimplified, of course, but that's the gist. Now, none of those sections covers the situation where a bunch of citizens think the President is as bad as Hitler, so I was highly confused by the poster. But then I had a thought: Section 4 covers the case of the President being incapacitated; it was almost invoked in 1981 when Reagan was shot. And section 1 covers the case of the President being killed.

Sooo... I'm guessing "Invoke the 25th Amendment" is the crazy right-wing teabaggers' veiled way of suggesting that someone should shoot Obama, thus incapacitating or killing him. What do you think?

(If so, then I am very glad I flipped my middle finger at that lady.)

(And please do not bother pointing out that Bush has also been depicted with a Hitler mustache by protestors. That has nothing to do with why I wrote this post.)
Big Science

Google Sun In My Eyes

It's amazing. I'm using Google Street View to find gas stations along my road-trip route to Anthrocon, which I do by means of a simple set of steps:

1. Scroll along the route in Google Maps, looking for promising-looking freeway exits. "Promising-looking" means there are buildings nearby that may be gas stations.
2. Find one. Drag the little yellow Google Street View homunculus onto the crossing road near the buildings.
3. When the Google Street View imagery pops up, pan around in it looking for gas stations: brightly-colored canopies over gas pumps, familiar signs that say "Shell" or "Chevron" or whatever.

Sometimes the Street View photos were taken late in the day, and the sun is low enough in the sky to appear in the panorama, washing out part of it with a huge white cloud of glare. The amazing thing is that as this cloud of glare goes by as I'm panning around, I cannot help squinting as if it were the real sun.

It's not the real sun, of course. It's physically no brighter to look at than the white background of this LiveJournal text field I'm typing in. Yet I squint at it (and not at this text field). Sometimes I even catch myself raising my hand to my eyes to block it out! HISSSS! The day-star, it burns us! BUT WAIT IT'S FAKE, WTF, BRAIN?


Okay, so check this out: First it occurred to me that Pinkie Pie's habit of breaking the fourth wall reminded me of Freakazoid. The more I thought about it, the more I realized, yes, Pinkie Pie is the pony version of Freakazoid! So I spent some time a few days ago while the internet was down, drawing this:


and put together this collage comic:

http://kinkyturtle.masemware.com/pictures/ponies/pinkazoid-song-med.jpg (if the other version is too large for your screen)

and I found it got posted to Equestria Daily, Ponychan, Ponibooru, and probably some other sites I'm not aware of. And then today I found out someone put this together:

Wow! This thing has really taken off!