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Everything to Everyone

I bought Barenaked Ladies' new album, "Everything to Everyone", shortly before I left on my big MFF trip that I just got back from. I listened to it a few times in the car on the way up, on the way down, and now I've listened to it here at home several times yesterday and today.

The songs are sticking in my head! They're so darn good! Beautiful chord progressions and nifty melody lines! And fun lyrics!

A rundown of my favorite songs from it:

Celebrity - "Don't call me a zero. I'm gonna be a hero. Like Phil Esposito or the Kennedys." "All the clocks'll stop / And all the jeans will cream..." Starts off with a piano line that's got a lovely evening-sky blue sound to it.

Maybe Katie - "What's so maybeabout... what's so maybe aboooout! What's so maybeabout... Kaaaatie?" I can't stop dancing to this one! The chorus is backed by some sort of nifty glidey, vaguely organ-like tune that always makes me go "wooo".

Another Postcard - "Another postcard, with chimpanzeeeees / And every one is addressed to meeeee." "Some chimps in swimsuits, some chimps are swinging from a vine / Some chimps in jackboots, some chimps that wish they could be mine / Starsky and Hutch chimps, a chimp who's sitting on the can / A pair of Dutch chimps, who send their love from Amsterdam." This is a really funny song with some fast pattersinging from Ed Robertson reminiscent of his "free-association bullshit" raps from "One Week". It occurred to me on the drive up that this song could be the basis of a really good puppet or fursuit act! It'd take a lot of planning, props and practice to do it justice, though. Maybe some people could help me put something together in time for Further Confusion?

Shopping - This song is insistently fast and funny and must be performed with a big artificial smile plastered to one's face for maximum effect. "It's always lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala, shopping with our friends!"

Aluminum - "A-LUM-i-num to me... al-u-MIN-I-UM to some... You can shine like silver all you want, but you're just aluminum." This one has a melancholy blue to it that's much more later-evening-skyish, going straight into night-sky-stargazer-flavoured. It's just... wooow.

Unfinished - "I left a tip, but it was never a donation / I took a trip, but it was never a vacation." "Everything is un... Everything is unfin... Everything is unfinished." A swingy tune with more of those cool blue chord structures.

I recommend this album!

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