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I'm home! Why were all the restaurants closed?

I finally got back from Midwest Furfest today! I had to drive on Thanksgiving... on US 59, which is not an interstate... which meant that my lunch choices were limited. I ate at an Exxon station that had a lunch counter. *urp*

Argh, now I need to get used to using a PC again. jmaynard and jdm314 both have Macs! Not that I have anything against Macs, but I need to get out of the habit of trying to command-click! Also I must unlearn cloverleaf and relearn ctrl.

A few quick notes: Finally, the world gets to see what I unveiled at the Fursuit Parade: the world's cheapest macro fursuit!

Also, I bought an original Ozy & Millie comic strip! I paid $75 for a complex pattern of ink held in place by a piece of heavy paper and carefully arranged by bluerain so as to bear a striking resemblance to the GIF on this page.

More diary will follow soon (most likely starting tomorrow; need to unwind and unpack tonight).

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