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Chicago, Chicago, it's a helluva town

Well, MFF was a blast again this year! (It went by too quickly, waaah!) It officially ended yesterday, but unofficially it ended this afternoon when I left the hotel to go hang out at Woodfield Mall for a few hours. (I wanted to post to LJ from the mall like I did last year, but the Grill O'Byte snack bar/internet café closed down, waaah!)

So anyway, the plan for today was for me to go to jdm314's house and spend the day visiting Chicago. Justin (for that is his name) was feeling kinda urpy, though, so I showed up in the evening and we didn't do much.

Right now I'm about to go down to bed.

Tomorrow I hit the road, and see how far across Illinois I can go!
More con diary to follow once I get home in a few days.

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