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Diary update! Looney Tunes Back in Action! And my plans.

The diary of this trip, the one I'm on right now, Minnesota etc., is now up to p. 28! Some fun surprises in this batch.

Vakko and I saw Looney Tunes: Back in Action tonight. It's a fun movie! Much better than the ads make it look (well, okay, apart from Steve Martin's spastic performance; what bet did he lose?) Remember the "Rocky & Bullwinkle" movie? The basic premise is the same: Humans team up with cartoon characters on a caper. Now, forget the Rocky & Bullwinkle movie. LT is much better! Better comic timing, for one thing. Cleverer gags. More cultural references, in-jokes and more zingy metahumor. Go see it!

My plans: Tonight I pack. Tomorrow morning, I hit the road! I shall drive from here (Fairmont, MN) to there (Schaumburg, IL) for that (Midwest Furfest).

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