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Rooooad triiiiiip!

Tomorrow I embark on yet another epic journey!

I'm getting an early start on traveling to Midwest Furfest. Gonna spend the week in Minnesota with vakkotaur and jmaynard. My schedule:

Thursday Nov 12: Drive to Lawrence, KS, and spend the night with Redfox. (Cool, no hotel fee!)
Friday Nov 13: Drive to Fairmont, MN, and arrive at The Stable (the taurs' house).

Saturday Nov 14 thru Wednesday Nov 19: Hang out with the taurs and do... y'know... fun stuff. Visity things.

Thursday Nov 20: Drive to Chicagoland.

Friday Nov 21 thru Sunday Nov 23: Midwest FurFest! Be as weird as possible.

Monday Nov 24: Drive to West Memphis, AR. Spend the night in a Motel 6.
Tuesday Nov 25: Drive home.

I'm all packed and stuff now. Bed in half an hour, then up early. Like, half past 6 or thereabouts.

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