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Today: Finding Nemo on DVD!

I got a flu shot and had lunch at Quizno's (not raised by wolves) and bought the DVDs of "Finding Nemo" and "Looney Tunes Golden Collection" and went to the Galleria and completed the three diary pages that I mentioned in the last entry and took a walk around the mall and discovered a new calendar store where I bought a nifty fox calendar and a nifty photomosaic calendar and a nifty optical-illusions-and-impossible-figures calendar and a buncha nifty puzzles (Mad Triad, foam Escher lizards, a wooden free-the-imprisoned-$20-bill puzzle)... BASTARDS! They know my weakness!... and came home and scanned and uploaded the diary and had dinner (smoked sausage and sardines, a surprising pair! plus salad, peas and cashews).

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