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Four unbroken windows, to be precise!

The guy from Binswanger showed up about 9 a.m. My car was parked in the driveway as Mom suggested last night instead of the street where I usually park, so he wouldn't have to work in the street. He had a replacement window with him and he spent about a quarter hour dismantling the door, removing the broken shards from inside, installing the new window, putting the door back together, and then vacuuming the rest of the broken glass from under the car seats. (He missed the glass in the cupholder in the armrest, though, because I'd closed the armrest cover and he didn't see it. Shoulda left it open. Ah well, I'll clean it out later myself.) I paid him, we thanked each other for his business, and off he went.

Later in the day, I went out myself, to celebrate! I bought a bottle of water at Chevron, I had lunch at Jack in the Box, then I went to Phoenix Comics and Games to see if there were any comics in my subscription file. There were: Looney Tunes #91, Furrlough #112, and Genus #53. (Furrlough 112 has a letter in the Communique column praising issue 110's "Tricks On One's Mind" story, which a friend of mine wrote, and has my name in the credits! "Layout: Andrew Mutchler." That means I drew a rough version of the comic as a guide for the penciler.)

I went to Schlotzsky's to go to the bathroom, then I bought a Mr. Pibb and a cookie and sat reading my comics. (Except for Genus, which, um, isn't really suitable for perusing in public, if you take my meaning.) Then I went over to Eckerd Drugs next door to buy some Band-Aids. (We need some at home, and I got extras to keep in my car in case I ever cut myself while cleaning the last of the glass out.)

By this time my bottle of water was getting empty, so I went over to Whataburger to refill it, using a paper cup with its rim bent into a spout shape as a makeshift pitcher. And I've found I can stave off the headaches I've been getting recently by drinking lots of water. As I write this, my head feels good. Yaay! (I'm still planning to see a doctor soon, though.) I also had some onion rings.

Then I went to Target to look for auto supplies. I wanted to go to an auto supply store, but I don't know of any; have to look in the phone book later. But I found a bottle of Turtle Wax Scratch & Squirrel Remover -- er, Swirl Remover! Removes minor scratches and squirrel marks. Er, swirl marks, dammit! I'm hoping the scratches the crooks put on my car are "minor" enough for this stuff to work. I also got some applicator pads to use it with, and a nice heavy-duty long-handled squeegee to replace the flimsy one I've got (the handle is this hollow plastic tube that bends when I use it!) While in the auto supply section of the store, I also noticed a selection of auto floor mats with cartoon characters on them, including one with characters I actually like: the Powerpuff Girls! I pondered... hmm, shall I? Then I decided, why the hell not! So I got them too. (Um, I haven't tried putting them in place yet, so I don't know yet how well they will fit.)

Then I returned home, thus ending a nice long day of having a new window and being able to properly enjoy my car's A/C for the first time in a week!

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