A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Yesterday (Halloween)

I went to </a></b></a>shell524 & </a></b></a>sky's for a Halloween party.

First I drove down to Galveston to spend the afternoon. I went to the beach and waded in the surf a bit (and got my pants wet! I'd rolled them up, but then I went out a little too deep and a wavelet took me by surprise!), I browsed some seaside gift shops on Seawall Blvd. (which are really cool because they're built out over the shore and they have observation decks in back). I drove aaaall the way down the island to sightsee and see if I could spot my dad's boss's beach house where I went to a beach party about a decade ago (I think I spotted it; I also spotted a street called "8 Mile Road". No white rappers lurking about in the sand though.)

On the way back up from the very end of the island, my windows got fogged up. At first I thought I was running the AC too cold, but I soon realized it was residue from the sea spray. Around 5 pm, I stopped to wash my windows, and then left Galveston Island to go to Shelly & Sky's party.

There was some kinda-sorta costume wearing going on... the usual tails, including my fox tail, Sky's leg was dressed as a pirate wearing a tutu (eyepatch on the kneecap, tutu around the calf), Nuada wore a leopard-print masked-ball-style mask, and Eric wore a goofy wolf mask. We had snacks, we walked around the apartment complex acting silly and taking pictures of each other, we watched the "Fur and Loathing" episode of CSI and laughed at how ridiculously wrong it was, and we played with a blacklight and a digital camera hooked up to a TV. Fun all around!

I think the brisket cooked in wine and coffee didn't agree with me though. I had a hard night.

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