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CSI: As If Furry Cons Could Afford Las Vegas

Perhaps the silliest thing about the show was the PAF CON schedule, seen in one scene. I freezeframed and copied it down:
 9:00 a.m. breakfast & orientation
10:30 a.m. lecture #1
            - DOE EYES: INNOVATIVE
              FOR LOVE
11:45 a.m. furry raffle (main lobby)
12:00 p.m. lecture #2
            - FUR-EVER YOUNG
 1:00 p.m. banquet lunch (banquet hall)
 3:30 p.m. lecture #3
            - CLAWS AND EFFECT: A LOOK
              FUR IN THE WORKPLACE
 4:45 p.m. vineyards & vendors
 7:30 p.m. banquet dinner (banquet hall)
 ?:?? p.m. pile-on-party (main lounge)

This resembles no furry con I've ever been to! Where's the Masquerade? Where are the art panels? The Meet the GOH panel? The video room? The DDR tournament? Furry cons have opening ceremonies and panels, not orientations and lectures! What is this, a yoga retreat? And BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER provided by the CON??? Hahahahaha I WISH!

Also, the people acted nothing like anybody I know. They were all Hollywood drama creations. Where's the sense of fun and humor? The sense of netgeeky camaraderie?

Here are a few telling quotes from my friends on IRC:

"this con they're at has the highest fursuit-to-nonfursuit attendance ratio of any con ever... it seems to be about 2:1"

"My mom is watching CSI right now."
"What's she think of it so far?"
"She's stated that they must not be doing their homework, because if cons were as boring as they made them look no one would go."

Edit: Just now on IRC, youngvanwinkle made a very good point I wish I'd thought of. He says:

You know, something just occurred to me about tonight's CSI ep.
Something that'd definitely happen at a furry con, but that I didn't see (might've happened, but I missed it, but I didn't get the feeling it did)
At least under the circumstances of the show's plot.
That'd be furries running around all over the place going "OH MY GOD, ROCKY WAS MURDERED?!?" and generally getting all concerned as a community.
And probably bombarding the police with offers to help catch the guy who did it.
I thought that was *really* missing.

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