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Redfox from Kansas

Yesterday I hung out with Redfox from Lawrence, Kansas, whom I'd previously met at Mephit Furmeet and Midwest Furfest. (At MFM 6 I did cockpit art for his model plane!) He drives a truck, and he came down to Houston yesterday.

The biggest problem with spending the day hanging out with a trucker is, where does he park the truck? He drives one of those huge freight-hauling trucks. At first I suggested meeting at the big Edwards Cinema plaza on I-10, which is a big mall-like place with a huge parking lot. Trouble is, trucks can't enter it. When I got there, I found he'd parked on a nearby vacant lot on which he wouldn't be able to leave his truck for very long without getting in trouble.

So I suggested we drive down to my neighborhood, where he could park in the Fiesta Foods parking lot. He said he'd follow me there.

Yeek! I was driving down the highway being followed by a huge truck! It was like something out of a horror thriller movie! Only difference was, I was trying not to lose him.

We made it there with no trouble, though, and he gave me a box of Red Baron Frozen Stuffed Pizza Slices that he'd been given after some sort of on-the-job confusion on someone else's part, the details of which I was never clear on. All I know is, we now have about a dozen boxes of Red Baron stuffed pizza slices in our freezer now!

(He had it in the back of the truck trailer, which was a large freezer unit, kept at a constant temperature of -10 degrees F by a machine called a "Reefer" for some reason.)

I took him to the Galleria, where we walked around a bit, ate dinner at Chili's, and walked around some more. (I bought one of those nifty superbright LED flashlights!) Then we went back to my house and bloofed around on the internet for a while.

Eventually I took him back to his truck and gave him directions to the freeway. I went home while he went back up to the Flying J truck stop north of town.

(Before I went to bed, I suddenly became unable to find my nifty LED flashlight. BAH! ...But then this morning I found it, still in the car. Sheesh!)

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