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New chair and Sunday drive

I went out and bought a new computer chair today, hoping it won't make my foot numb like the one I've been using has started to do. I wonder if I need to exercise more or something.

Then I took a little Sunday drive! First I headed south on Main Street, instead of north like I usually do. Outside the 610 Loop, Main Street suddenly becomes a freeway leading out of town! (I live near the edge of town, but rarely go that way, because I don't think there's anything I'd ever need to buy that I couldn't get within Houston.)

I crossed the Sam Houston Tollway. I drove and drove, taking in the small-town scenery. Fields, distant trees, etc. I drove through two small towns: Stafford, TX and Sugarland, TX. I drove past the Imperial sugar plant!

Then I turned right onto Highway 6 and drove north. I went past the Sugarland Airport. (Sweetest planes in the world!) I drove past typical highway-ey stuff like used car dealerships and restaurants. Soon I reached West Oaks Mall, between Richmond and Westheimer.

I went in and walked around a bit and sat around a bit, bothered by the screams of babies and tiny children.

Then I got back in my car and headed further westward on Westheimer Parkway. (West of Hwy 6, Westheimer becomes a parkway! Wow!) I drove through the Barker Reservoir area, where George Bush Park is located. (Thbpht! The airport, and now a park are named after him? He dun deserve it.) I drove past a shooting range, a model airplane range, a soccer range, and some other ranges I forget now.

Soon I reached Highway 99, in the Cinqo Helmet neighborhood. I turned right and headed up to I-10. Suspended over I-10 was the Katy Mills exit, that people use to get to Katy Mills Mall. I didn't go there, though. Instead I headed east, back towards Houston.

(I ought to go back to Katy Mills Mall someday, though. It's a cat mall! Much nicer than West Oaks (a human mall), especially on weekends. Cats walk around, pushing kittens in strollers. Kittens are much cuter and less annoying than human babies. Kitten: "mew!" Human baby: "SCREEEEEECH!!" I rest my case.)

So anyway I drove down I-10, past restaurants, car dealerships, office buildings, hotels... I passed S. Mason Rd., Fry Rd., Addicks-Howell Rd., Eldridge Pkwy., Dairy-Ashford Rd., Wilcrest Dr., Sam Houston Tollway, Gessner Rd., Bingle Rd., Antoine Dr., 610 West Loop, Washington Ave., T.C. Jester Blvd., Shepherd Dr., and soon I got to I-45. I took 45 South, past downtown (and past that new Aquarium place with the Ferris wheel), then got on Hwy 288 South, then 610 South Loop heading west, past Astroworld (sorry, Six Flags Astroworld), the Astrodome and Reliant Stadium, where there must be some game going on, because earlier in the day I saw the signs set up to tell people which lot to park in based on what color your car is: Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Taxis/Media, Purple, Limos, Handicapped, etc. (Someday I want a taxis/media-colored car! It'd ROCK.) Eventually I got back home!

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