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Minor schedule change this week

I was going to spend today, tomorrow and Saturday working on portfolio pics for </a></b></a>michaelmink, but I became unexpectedly busy today, so I didn't get a page done today. I can work on minkpix tomorrow and Saturday. In fact, I'll see if I can get three pages done to make up for this.

(Details, if you're interested:
  • A reporter from the Houston Press, the local alternative paper, wants to write an article about furries, and I'm one of the people he's been talking to and interviewing.
  • The current stage of the mink-inking process involves taking the photocopies I made of the inked drawings and shading them with pencil. Problem is, after I spent half the afternoon cleaning my room and getting ready to do some pencil shading, I suddenly discovered that I hadn't made photocopies of the inked drawings! Well, I had, but only of the first portfolio (which I finally finished last week). So today, I suddenly had to go out and photocopy the other two portfolios.
  • I also forgot I have to do laundry today.

I'm training myself to become more organized now, I swear!)

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