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Saw "School of Rock" today. Fun movie! Jack Black plays Dewey Finn, a rock & roll animal who gets kicked out of his band, then to make some quick cash, poses as an elementary school teacher by stealing an emergency substitute job from his roommate, and then molds his class of ten-year-olds into a rock band.

For supper, I tried a new place that opened not far from my house: Philly Connection, a cheesesteak place. Not bad. Almost as good as Steak Escape (which, sadly, closed.) My order took a long time, though, because they forgot about it and had to look at my ticket again. Oh well, I wasn't in a hurry. If I go back, though, I should make sure that doesn't happen again.

Bought a second microcassette recorder. Now when I go to cons, I can tape an entire masquerade, story hour, or comedy act without missing anything by having to change tapes!

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