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This has got to be THE DUMBEST advertising gimmick I've ever heard of! ...Well, within the last month or so, I suppose.

See, last Thursday, I found an extra copy of the Houston Chronicle on our lawn near the driveway. I figured it was for the house next door, but I wasn't sure, so I tossed it across the driveway onto the margin of grass between our driveway and the property line.

Today, Dad told me there was a HUGE pile of papers out there, and suggested I pick them up. He tends to exaggerate, but today he wasn't far from the truth. On the grass margin, there were two of those unwanted advertising flyer things we get all the time that look like miniature newspapers... and THREE copies of the Houston Chronicle; the one from last Thursday (all yellowed and stinky now), one from Sunday, and one from Tuesday. One was in a plastic wrapper printed with "This copy of the Houston Chronicle compliments of Target", and the other two had paper inserts visible through the wrappers that said "This copy of the Houston Chronicle compliments of Stewart Taylor Cadillac" and "This copy of the Houston Chronicle compliments of the Houston Texans."

Who the hell would WANT these?! We subscribe to the Chronicle. We don't need EXTRA copies. Mom tells me the lady next door doesn't subscribe. She doesn't want copies in the FIRST place! This is nothing but LAWN SPAM.

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