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Why my car window still isn't fixed

So I went to the State Farm office today. First I removed the garbage bag covering the big gaping hole where there was once a window, then I carefully checked the seat and other interior surfaces for stray shards of glass that might injure me while driving. Then I tried starting up the car for the first time since the incident. It started up just fine! Good. Then I headed out. I hadda go the long way, around north of the Astrodome, 'cause of the construction on the stupid rail system around the south side, clogging traffic on the eastbound feeder road of 610 South. I got to the insurance office, had a guy take pictures of the car, then a few minutes later I got this envelope with papers in it, a check for about $1,500, and a loooong list of stuff they think needs to be done to my car. Replacing the window is on there, of course (at least I think it is; I should take another look), but the bulk of the list is a description of each panel of sheet metal that's got scratches on it. They apparently need to be repainted and refinished one by one. Oh, and there's lots of other problems listed there I didn't even know I had! What's wrong with my taillights? Nothing I'm aware of!

So anyway, I left State Farm and drove over to Chuck Davis. This was even trickier, because I tried to go south around the Astrodome, forgetting that the construction was clogging traffic on the westbound feeder of 610 as well as the eastbound feeder! Oh, and add all the people going to Astroworld to that mess as well. So anyway, I got as far as the feeder and decided, hell with this. So I drove south around the back of Astroworld.

Finally I got to the Chuck Davis body shop, went in, waited a bit, and then got to talk to someone. At first his eyes widened at the loooong list of Things The Car Needs Done To It. But then I told him I didn't care about a new paint job, I just wanted the window replaced. He told me it'd take about two weeks, 'cause they don't have a glass repair guy at the place. He suggested I take it to a glass repair place instead. So I thanked him and drove home, without even really having gotten an answer on the other thing I wanted to know, which was whether I'd need to worry about rust. As nice as it'd be to have the car panels repaired and repainted, that'd be expensive. I'd prefer to just put some touch-up paint on it. Or even do nothing. Except I don't know whether or not the scratches are deep enough to worry about rust. But the guy didn't even look at the car or anything.

Oh well. So anyway, as I drove around, I noticed there were still some shards of glass stuck under the rubber strips that normally grip the window around the edges, and they were slowly falling out onto the street. So when I got home, I got a bag and picked most of them out. Some fell inside the door cavity instead. So then I put *another* garbage bag over the hole (grumble), and went inside all tired & sweaty.

Tomorrow I'm gonna call Binswanger Glass and ask them questions about getting the window replaced.

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