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Pocky hunt

Today I went aaaall the way out to Hong Kong Food Market, near Bellaire Blvd. and Boone Rd. I'd heard I could get Pocky by the case there, much cheaper than at Nippan Daido, where I'd been getting it.

Well! I looked aaall over the huuuge store and didn't find any cases of Pocky at all. Just a few individual boxes, and only of chocolate Pocky, in the cash register lines.

</a></b></a>shell524, was it you who told me about Hong Kong Food Market? And if so, where did you find it there? Are we even talking about the same place? Hong Kong Food Market is a huge supermarket with all kinds of Asian foods, and massive freezer and seafood sections in the back, and the entrance is inside a long indoor strip mall full of other Asian stores, with a food court at one end consisting almost entirely of Vietnamese diners.

So anyway, afterwards I drove up to Nippan Daido and bought some strawberry Pocky and went home.

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