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It's been a shard day's night...

Busy day for me today! First I went with Mom downtown, 'cause she has jury duty. So we drove by the courthouse building, she got out, I got into the driver's seat, and drove the van home so she wouldn't have to deal with parking downtown. (It's a pain, and you have to pay for it.) My head hurt. I still have that migraine-like headache I started having over a week ago.

I stopped on the way home at Whataburger for lunch. My head still hurt.

Then, about halfway between Whataburger and home, I had to potty! I went urgh and argh and cursed the traffic all the way home. My head still hurt.

One trip home and potty break later, I took some Tylenol and decided to have another look at the state of my car. There's still plenty of broken glass under the seats and in various nooks and crannies, but the particular nook I was interested in was the inside of the seatbelt buckle. (Or is it a cranny?) There were some shards of glass just sitting on top, unable to be dumped out 'cos the buckle mounting doesn't bend over that far. I picked most of them out with tweezers, but a fragment or two fell in where I couldn't get them. Fortunately, by shaking the buckle, I could get them to fall down somewhere where they aren't in the way of the metal tongue. So I can fasten my seat belt, at least. But my head still hurt.

But my day's not over yet! I'm supposed to drive this glass-filled car over to the State Farm assessment office and have some guy look at it and decide how much money to give me. Then I'm gonna drive over to the body shop to have a new window put in. This late in the day, I'll probably have to leave it there overnight.

And hmmm... you know, Chuck Davis (the dealer I bought the car from and always take it to for service) is right next to Astroworld. (Sorry, Six Flags Astroworld.) I used to walk from home to Astroworld and back almost every day of the summer when I was a kid. Last time I tried walking home from Chuck Davis, though, I almost diiied! Aaaagh I was so tired and dehydrated by the time I got home! I'm not trying that again today.

Fortunately, I think the pain in my head is subsiding again now.

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