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Heaven is paved with broken glass

(Shoulda used that subject line yesterday! Oh well, I had other things on my mind.)

Let's see, what-all did I do today?

First I cleaned more broken glass out of my car; there's still more under the seats and whatnot, but at least it's possible to sit in the driver's seat without getting cut. Hmm, need to take tweezers and pick the glass pieces out of the seatbelt buckle, though. I can't just dump them out, even though they're just sitting up on top, because the buckle's mounted in this stiff sleeve thingy and can't be tipped over far enough.
Maybe I'll get a vacuum cleaner to get more glass out from under the seats, and remove any tiny shards that may remain in the seat upholstery.

Later in the day I took a nap, and I had a dream with an interesting ending... I was in a house, supposedly the house of one of my uncles, and I saw this 20-year-old girl in the kitchen fiddling with the light switch, supposedly a cousin of mine. I went down a hallway running behind the kitchen, and when I got to the end, I turned left into a doorway, and she was there again, but instead of a kitchen, she was in a huuuuuge grand dining hall, with hundreds of tables decked out with fancy tablecloths and silverware. There were probably even chandeliers overhead! And the girl was standing behind a lectern, such as a maitre d' might use. I was standing there in my pajama pants and no shirt, so I joked around. "Show me to my table. Oh wait, maybe I should get dressed first!" She laughed. I turned to leave, and I thought I heard her say something about "Jerry". Jerry, as in Tom & Jerry, I thought? I turned back around, and found that she'd turned into a tiny cartoon mouse standing on the lectern. Of course, I thought! She used to pretend to be Jerry Mouse as a kid!
Then I woke up.

I went out to get burgers from Beck's Prime for supper tonight, but since I didn't want to drive with no window and a car filled with broken glass, I took Mom's minivan.

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