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For those of you who think KT sits around doing nothing instead of getting stuff done...

...well, you're sorta right. But I intend to change all that by writing up long-term to-do lists! Here's my to-do list for the next three weeks, in its current form. Note there's not much artwork penciled in during the first week, because I've got a load of tasks that I need to get out of the way. Also, this list doesn't mention standard day-to-day stuff like doing dishes, showering, catching up on LiveJournal, etc. Oh, and the weird go-to-bed and get-up times are in preparation for taking Mom to the airport early on the morning of the 24th.

Sat., Sept. 13 - Buy Dr Pepper, raisins and wasp killer; Spray wasp nests under roof on back porch; Clean off Maine and Missouri state quarters, put them in plastic sleeves and add them to collection; Finish clearing junk off of and from under drawing desk; Clear junk off bed; Make travel plans to and from MFF; Go to bed no later than 3:00 am

Sun., Sept. 14 - Get up at 11:00; Work on con diary; Change sheet on bed; Laundry (sheets, blankets); Go to bed at 2:30 am

Mon., Sept. 15 - Get up at 10:30; Clean crud off back porch and back door (including wasp nests which hopefully will be dead); Laundry (pants, shirts); Go to bed at 2:00 am

Tue., Sept. 16 - Get up at 10:00; Ink minks (i.e., work on portfolio drawings for </a></b></a>michaelmink. Actually the inking stage is done, but 'ink minks' is catchier than 'shade minks'); Fill some plastic bottles with water, put in fridge; Go to bed at 1:30 am

Wed., Sept. 17 - Get up at 9:30; See "American Splendor" at River Oaks Landmark Theatre; Clean dust off 12-CD holder, put in plastic bag; Go to bed at 1:00 am

Thu., Sept. 18 - Get up at 9:00; Con diary; sort unopened mail; Laundry (printed T-shirts); Go to bed at 12:30 am

Fri., Sept. 19 (Avast, mateys, it be Talk Like A Pirate Day!) - Get up at 8:30; Con diary; Check which con sketchbook drawings still need to be scanned, and work out a schedule for scanning them and making a webpage to put them on; Go to bed at midnight

Sat., Sept. 20 - Get up at 8:00; Look for three-hole punch; Use it on pages copied from Teach Yourself Icelandic; Ink minks; Go to bed at 11:30

Sun., Sept. 21 - Get up at 7:30; Ink minks; Go to bed at 11:00

Mon., Sept. 22 - Get up at 7:00; Install Expression 3 and familiarize self with its features; Go to bed at 10:30

Tue., Sept. 23 - Get up at 6:30; Con diary; Go to bed at 10:00

Wed., Sept. 24 - Get up at 6:00; Go with Mom to airport (she's going to Toronto); drive van back home; Ink minks

Thu., Sept. 25 - Con diary

Fri., Sept. 26 - Ink minks

Sat., Sept. 27 - Move CDs into Mom's room; Do extensive room-cleaning; throw junk away

Sun., Sept. 28 - Continue room-cleaning; Try to end up getting rid of stack of boxes that's blocking cabinet; Move CDs back into own room

Mon., Sept. 29 - Con diary

Tue., Sept. 30 - Ink minks

Wed., Oct. 1 - Con diary

Thu., Oct. 2 - Ink minks

Fri., Oct. 3 - Con diary

Sat., Oct. 4 - Ink minks

Anything at all on this list subject to change.

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