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The Effects of Sitcom Hijinks on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds

Last night I dreamed I was with some people heading along the freeway. Were we going to another furry con? No, for some reason I ended up joining a bunch of people testing the effects of various influences on plants, such as loud noise, patterns of light, music, etc. Unfortunately, I found myself joining group 12, who were testing the effects of prayer on plants. Ugh! I hoped I wouldn't be called upon to pray, since I'm an atheist, and that would surely mess up their findings, right? Later in the dream, I was carrying the plant around for some reason, and I hastened to get it back in place before the other guys came back. Then I thought to myself, maybe we should be testing the effects of sitcom hijinks on plants! I imagined frantically hiding the plant in closets and bathrooms, trying to disguise it in a trenchcoat as a friend of ours, etc. Then I woke up.

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