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And now I am back from Pepper Chino, where I dined with Rowe, Gwaland, Kat and JJ. Pepper Chino is way up on the north side of town, about 25 miles away from me.

Before I got on the freeway, I stopped at a convenience store to buy a bottle of water... and I found Nemo! They had Finding Nemo flashlights. I bought Nemo and Dory. You squeeze the head, and the mouth lights up. The main reason I got them was that they look just like the movie characters! (Some Finding Nemo merchandise looks weird, even at the Disney Store.) They've also got Bruce. Maybe I'll get Bruce tomorrow.

The strangest thing about these Nemo character lights is that the package says "Collectible" but also "Disposable". Ooo-kaaay.

I ate my fill of Chinese buffet and then some. Gwaland ate his fill of sushi and then some (or "susi" as our waiter pronounces it. He's from somewhere in Asia, but not Japan, I'm thinkin'.)

Then we stood around in the parking lot for an hour chatting about this & that till about 10:30. Up in the sky, I could see Mars!

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