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The Power of the One Ring

I possess The One Ring of Power. Yup, the golden one with all the Elvish writing around the edge. I bought it at a Book Stop, tied to the tassel of a Lord of the Rings bookmark, found in a display of similar Lord of the Rings bookmarks, all with The One Rings of Power tied to their tassels. (In fact, just for the heck of it I bought two bookmarks, so I have two One Rings of Power.)

So anyway, the other day I was playing with the Ring, which sits on my desk beside my mousepad, when suddenly I dropped it, and it rolled under the desk. I couldn't help exclaiming in a scratchy voice, "MY PRECIOUSSS!!! MY PRECIOUS IS LOOOOST!!!"

So then I crawled under the desk and got the Ring back, and blew the lint off it. Then I couldn't help saying to myself, "Hello, what's this? A ring! I shall put it in my pocket."

Which I did. Then I took it out of my pocket and put it back next to my mousepad.

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