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Things an' stuffoes I been uptoo

Went to party at Rowe & Gwaland's. Ate too much brisket. Played Weird Al's "Poodle Hat" as soundtrack to "Bloody Roar" being played by others. Fun weirdness! Also played some Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, which everybody agreed is a great cover band. Forgot to thank Rowe & Gwaland for the fun time, so: Rowe & Gwaland, thank you for the fun time. Oh wait, I already thanked them in Gwaland's LJ. Oh well, thank you again.

Sunday, Monday:
Started transcribing audiotapes from Anthrocon. This stage is necessary before I can draw any more.

Taped "Animal Imitators" on TLC. Haven't watched it yet, but heard it's good.

Went to doctor about high blood pressure. Prinivil apparently not working; trying Norvasc next. Spent afternoon at Galleria. At Dylan's Candy Bar, bought a Wonka bar. No golden ticket. Pretty good candy, though: chocolate bar with graham cracker chips in it. Also bought a lollipop inside a plastic keychain that looks like the bag Nemo was put in in the movie, and has a tiny plastic Nemo inside. Also some malted milk balls, on which the chocolate tastes odd. Sorta vegetable-y. Choco-substitute? Ate tacos at Ninfa's for supper.

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