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Yet another Nemo-related post

I know some people are tired of hearing about the movie, but it's my journal and I can write whatever I want in it, dangit! So anyway, yup, saw FN again today.

Three funny things about the movie I've noticed after seeing it five times:

How old is Mr. Turtle?!
Crush, who says he's "150, dude, and still young", also says "Mr. Turtle is my father." Not was, is.

G'day, Bruce.
All three sharks are not only voiced by Australian actors (well, actually I think one's from New Zealand), but they're all "Bruces". The Great White is named Bruce, the Mako is voiced by Bruce Spence, and the hammerhead is voiced by Eric Bana, who plays Bruce Banner in "The Hulk".

Arrrr, matey!
The absurdity of the toy pirate skull in the fishtank. Not only is it still wearing an eyepatch after its eye(s) have long rotted away, it's got a surly snarl. Skulls don't snarl, they smile! And it's a smile far scarier than any pirate sneer. It's a Skull Smile! A smile that says, "Hello there! Someday you shall join us here in the graveyard." (Well, okay, this one would probably say "Davy Jones's locker" instead.)

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