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Wolves (big, bad, and otherwise)

Ever notice how ugly wolves tend to be in old storybooks, cartoons, and illustrations? They tend to be depicted as hideous slavering beasts with twisted gnarled jaws full of pointy fangs, menacing poor Little Red Riding Hood or those three pigs.

But in real life... wolves are much better-looking than that. Wolves are cute, dammit! They look like big doggies! (Which is basically what they are; big wild doggies.)

And movie werewolves? Ugh. Lon Chaney's Wolfman didn't look like a wolf. Neither does Michael J. Fox's Teen Wolf.

That's another cool thing about furry art: At last, thanks to talented artists such as Megan Giles, Xian Jaguar and others, we have wolfmen and wolfwomen (and wolfhermaphs) who actually resemble real wolves!

I wonder if there are any other good examples outside furry fandom?

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