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It's Time For Another "Good Idea, Bad Idea"

Good Idea:
Using up an unwanted box of Rice Krispies by buying two bags of marshmallows to make a large quantity of yummy Rice Krispies squares.

Bad Idea:
Trying to save time by doubling the recipe and cooking the whole quantity at once.

Lesson: Make ONE BATCH AT A TIME. Y'see, what the recipe on the bag of marshmallows doesn't tell you is that making Rice Krispies squares is like wrestling an Evil Blob Monster from Planet Snapkraklpopzor. And doubling the recipe is like wrestling an Evil Blob Monster from Planet Snapkraklpopzor that's TWICE AS FREAKING HUGE!

I think the most fun part was when I freaked out and screamed "AAAGH!! MUSTGETITALLINTHEPANBEFOREITCOOLSDOWNANDSOLIDIFIESINTHEPOT!!!" Fortunately I managed to do so without spilling any of the sweet sticky ricey gunk on the stove. Oh yeah, and the easiest and best way to get the stuff into the pan is to hold the pot over the pan and scoop it all out at once. But, you see, a doubled recipe calls for a really big pot. "Howdy, folks, I just made a big batch of Rice Krispies squares, and boy are my arms tired!"

You've been a great audience. I'll be here all week. Try the Rice Krispies squares. There's plenty!

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