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I wore my tail to the mall today!

Before I went to Anthrocon, I got together with some local furries, and Hammersparks asked me to get him a fox tail there. So I bought one from jinxtigr in Artists' Alley, and today I went to the Galleria to meet Hammersparks and exchange the tail for money.

And I decided to wear mine! So I put my fox tail on and went to wait for him at Subway where we agreed to meet. I couldn't get him to wear his, though. His excuse was that he wasn't wearing a belt. I couldn't tell because his shirt was covering his waist, but I didn't press the issue.

So we went and walked around the mall a bit, me with a tail, Hammersparks amused by the looks on people's faces, mostly of amusement, with a few incredulous double-takes thrown in. (Not that I could see; apparently they were only making these faces behind me.) Nobody said anything to me, except a child at Subway saying "Nice tail!" I said, "Thanks!"

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