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Ohhhhhh great! Guess what Mom told me when I woke up today! Go on, guess. Nope, guess again. Nope, wrong. Still wrong. Okay, I'll tell you...

My car was vandalized last night!

Apparently about 1:30 a.m., a couple of hoodlums smashed my driver's side window and put scratches along both sides of the car! (Nothing was stolen from the car; there was nothing in there to steal but a squeegee, a map book, a dirty ragged old towel and a pile of junk.) So I called the constable, he came and made a report, and told me this was the third such incident he's responded to today. While he was there, a neighbor from across the street said she heard a crashing sound about 1:30 last night. The current theory is that they broke into my car, then were annoyed there was nothing of value inside, so they scratched up the paint in revenge. Yeah, how thoughtless of me to not keep all my gold & jewelry in my car! Assholes.

So anyway, I then spent about half an hour cleaning up broken glass. I didn't get it all, because I got hot, tired and hungry so I stopped, but at least the street is clear and the driver's seat is clean. Then I put a garbage bag over the window in case it rains.

This act of vandalism was perpetrated by assholes! I'd like to find the assholes that did this and make them clean up the rest of the glass and pay for repairs. Then I'd like to take all the broken glass and pour it down the assholes' throats! Ooo, or shove it up their assholes! That'd be poetic. Did I mention the guys who did this are assholes?


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