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Oh, and something strange happened on the way to Folf Camera today.

As I approached the intersection of Kirby and South Main, I saw a fire truck coming up from behind with its lights flashing and its siren going. The light was red, I was in the left lane, and another car was in the middle lane. I looked over and noticed that the right lane was clear, so I just pulled up to the light and stopped normally.

But instead of taking the right lane through the intersection, the fire truck pulled up right behind me in the left lane! Flashing and sirening at me and everything! So I had to move.

I looked around and saw that the cross traffic was being good and not going through the intersection, so I drove through and pulled to the right to let the fire truck pass.

What I'm wondering is, why didn't the truck use the right lane? Was there some reason it had to stay in the left lane? (I saw it make a left turn further ahead.) Or maybe someone pulled into the right lane, blocking it, and I didn't notice? I dunno.

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