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Text of a letter I sent to the Houston Chronicle today

"Dear Chronicle editors:

"Why do people feel so threatened by homosexuality and gay sex anyway? If two men, or two women, love each other, and want to express that love, why should anyone be against it? They're not hurting anyone (or each other, as long as they take proper precautions). Maybe my imagination is limited, but the only two reasons I can think of are religious objection and personal squeamishness. Neither of these is a sufficient basis for legal prohibition. Texas's anti-sodomy law was unjust, and I applaud the Supreme Court for striking it down.

"However, I'm horrified at the attitude of John Welch (Viewpoints, June 28) who rightly "[does] not believe government should pry into bedrooms", but then says if a gay couple is "caught" at it, they should be arrested. That's not justice, that's playing a game of gotcha."

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