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Woo, that was a bit of excitement just now...

So I'm sitting here, a few minutes ago, IRCing and reading LiveJournal, when suddenly I heard a fire truck horn right outside! Was it right on our street?

Mom and I peeked out the front door. The first thing we noticed was the smell of smoke in the air. The second thing was, sure enough, a fire truck right on our street. It was sitting there; it couldn't get past our neighbor's house because of two cars parked on opposite sides of the street too close together.

One of the cars was mine, so I grabbed my keys, ran outside wearing nothing but shoes and pajama pants, and got in. I pulled forward, and the fire truck drove past.

Then I drove around a couple of blocks, sorta looking for the fire. Couldn't see it, though. I parked in front of our neighbor's house instead of our own in case any more fire trucks have to get by. Later I'll go move my car back.

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