A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Google Sun In My Eyes

It's amazing. I'm using Google Street View to find gas stations along my road-trip route to Anthrocon, which I do by means of a simple set of steps:

1. Scroll along the route in Google Maps, looking for promising-looking freeway exits. "Promising-looking" means there are buildings nearby that may be gas stations.
2. Find one. Drag the little yellow Google Street View homunculus onto the crossing road near the buildings.
3. When the Google Street View imagery pops up, pan around in it looking for gas stations: brightly-colored canopies over gas pumps, familiar signs that say "Shell" or "Chevron" or whatever.

Sometimes the Street View photos were taken late in the day, and the sun is low enough in the sky to appear in the panorama, washing out part of it with a huge white cloud of glare. The amazing thing is that as this cloud of glare goes by as I'm panning around, I cannot help squinting as if it were the real sun.

It's not the real sun, of course. It's physically no brighter to look at than the white background of this LiveJournal text field I'm typing in. Yet I squint at it (and not at this text field). Sometimes I even catch myself raising my hand to my eyes to block it out! HISSSS! The day-star, it burns us! BUT WAIT IT'S FAKE, WTF, BRAIN?

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