A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

New Year's resolution: Become a Video Guy

Huh... after all these years of not bothering with New Year's resolutions, I've finally got a reason to make one.

I want to get into video editing! I've got hours and hours of MiniDV footage I've shot at furry cons, and I've heard people complaining that you see lots of cameras at cons, but you never see their footage. Well, I want to change that, at least in my case. I want to put the Furry Variety Shows and fursuit parades I've seen, up on YouTube. (I've even got a couple of interesting bits somewhere, like the time I saw the Klingons at Further Confusion carrying a fursuiter on a pole like he was their fresh kill!) I'd also like to make videos of my own.

I know how to edit video and audio, I've had experience with that at school way back when, but I need to work out the technical issues, of which there are two main ones:

1. Copy video from my camera to the computer.
2. Find good video editing software.

#1 shouldn't be too hard; my camera came with a manual and a CD-ROM. I shall see if I can handle that part myself. For #2, anybody got any good recommendations? I can afford to spend some money, I don't have to be yet another Unregistered HyperCam 2 user.

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