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Bruce, Sheldon, Carl


Saw Bruce Almighty. Rather predictable, but fun to watch! Jim Carrey as TV reporter Bruce Nolan gets passed over for promotion, fired and beaten up, and rails against God. So God lets Bruce play the game of life in godmode for a while. At first Bruce uses his powers for petty revenge and cheap thrills, but then learns that he has to answer prayers, and that everything he does has repercussions (for instance, he pulls the moon in closer to set the mood for a romantic night with his girlfriend, but this causes devastating flooding in Asia).

Trailers before the movie: Charlie's Angels 2 (eh, didn't bother seeing the first), Legally Blonde 2 (same deal), Pirates of the Caribbean (ooo, they're undead and look like skeletons when seen in the moonlight! Starring Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp).

Then I went to the Galleria and bought a Sheldon plushie. He's the seahorse from "Finding Nemo" ("I'm H2O-intolerant. *WA-CHOO!*"), and I bought it because it's a damn good-looking seahorse plushie, and when am I ever gonna get the chance to buy a seahorse plushie again?

I enjoyed the first four Pixar features (Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc.) but I didn't fall in love with them like with Finding Nemo!

Ate dinner at Subway in the Galleria, and got an Alabama quarter in my change! Yaay, I'm all caught up once again! I'm trying to get two of each quarter: a nice shiny one to put in a plastic sleeve, and one to touch and hold and look at closely and keep in a little box. That makes 22 states that have quarters in circulation. Almost halfway through! Next three this year are Maine, Missouri and Arkansas.

A thought I had tonight:


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