A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Stupid Human Questions?

Is there a page on TVTropes about this? If not, I hope someone creates it and titles it "Stupid Human Questions".

In movies, TV shows, etc., in which humans interact with a nonhuman character (puppets, aliens, robots, etc.), the humans tend to let their curiosity get the better of them, ignore what the character is trying to talk about, and ask a bunch of dumb, annoying, often offensive questions or other comments about the character's physiology, biological habits, etc.

General and specific examples:
Kermit the Frog goes on a talkshow, and the host wastes a lot of time talking about tadpoles and eating flies, or worse, dissection in biology class or French restaurants that serve frog legs.
There was a sketch on Saturday Night Live in which Earth is visited by alien women whose eyes are on their breasts instead of their faces. They bring a message of peace and advanced technological knowledge, but the reporters interviewing them ask a bunch of questions such as "When you wear a black lace bra, is that like sunglasses?"

(I've noticed that furries are getting this from the general public lately, with reporters wanting to talk about the sexual side, and so on.)

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