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KT gets interviewed!

Questions from toonygal

1. You are suddenly rich beyond belief, but the catch is that you have to spend all of it in two weeks, no saving. What do you do?
I'd get myself a few toys I've been wanting, such as a CD deck installed in my car. I'd also wonder what the consequences would be of not spending it all. What are they going to do, take it away anyway? Awww. :}

2. Would you rather be forgotten or hatefully remembered? Why?
Forgotten, probably. I honestly don't think I care how I'm remembered after I'm dead, as long as I get along with people before then. :}

3. If you could only go to one furry con this year, what one would it be? Why?
Ooo, tough choice... probably Anthrocon, because it's the biggest...

4. When did you create 'The Kinky Turtle'? How does he look different today from the first time you drew him?
Back in the late '80s when I was in college, there was this article in the paper headlined "When the going gets tough, trust in the kinky turtle", about mondegreens and other weird manglings of language. The headline phrase came from a story about a preacher who asked his congregation to sing the hymn "Lead On, O Kinky Turtle", when what he really meant was "Lead On, O King Eternal". I decided that "kinky turtle" sounded like a good name for a cartoon character, so I started drawing this turtle who acts very strangely. At first I drew KT walking around on all fives, and I deliberately drew the KT cartoons rougher and more crudely than my other cartoons. Here is a scan of the sketchbook page containing the very first KT cartoons I ever drew!

5. Who do you admire? What traits do they have that are admirable to you?
I admire anyone who isn't lazy. Like Bill Holbrook, who draws three daily strips. How duzzee dooit?!

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