A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Saw Finding Nemo a third time last night!

A couple of things I noticed this time around:
- When Bruce the Great White smells blood, and goes into feeding-frenzy mode, his pupils dilate until his eyes have that dead black mindless-eating-machine look to them. Before that, his eyes have whites, making him look friendlier.
- Buzz Lightyear appears briefly! When Nemo is first put in the tank, he looks out, and one of the things he sees is a treasure chest full of toys (to pacify the dentist's younger patients, no doubt). One of the toys lying on the floor is a Buzz Lightyear! (I knew to look for this because I read it somewhere. I've also heard that the pizza truck from Toy Story appears, but I failed to spot it. Maybe it's seen driving down the street in the very last scene.)
- Peach the starfish is voiced by Allison Janney, who sounds quite androgynous in this role. I wonder if that was deliberate...

Meanwhile, here are a few choice bits of dialogue in case you haven't decided whether to see it yet:

[Nemo gets stuck headfirst in a tube-shaped sponge; Marlin pulls him out]
Marlin: Where's the break? Do you feel a break?
Nemo: I'm fine!
Marlin: Sometimes you can't feel it because of the fluid rushing to the area. Any rushing fluids?
Nemo: Daaaad...
Marlin: How many stripes do I have?
Nemo: I told you, I'm fine!
Marlin: Answer the stripe question!
Nemo: Three.
Marlin: See? You're not okay! I have one... two... three stripes?? That's all I have?!

[On his first day of school, Nemo meets the teacher, Mr. Ray (a manta ray)]
Mr. Ray: Well, who's this?
Nemo: Nemo!
Mr. Ray: Well, Nemo, all new Knowledge Explorers must answer a science question!
Nemo: Okay!
Mr. Ray: What kind of house do you live in?
Nemo: In an anemunnemunuh... anemennamemmanuh...
Mr. Ray: OK, OK, don't hurt yourself. Welcome aboard!

[Marlin and Dory descend into the pitch-black depths of a deep sea trench to retrieve a diving mask; Dory promptly forgets Marlin's holding her fin]
Dory: AAGH!! Something's got me!!
Marlin: Don't worry! It's me!
Dory: Are you... my conscience?
Marlin: Uh... yes! I'm your conscience. We haven't spoken in a while. How are you?
Dory: Can't complain.
Marlin: Good. Do you see anything?
[faint glowing light appears]
Dory: I see... a light.
Marlin: Good, I see it too.
Dory: Hey, conscience... am I dead?

I love how she says that last line! Just matter-of-factly, getting into the metaphysicality of it.

There are all sorts of emotional touches, too, like after the unsuccessful attempt to stop the aquarium filter in which Nemo almost gets sucked into the blades of the fan, but is rescued by the other fish:

Peach: Gill, don't make him go back in there.
[Gill is stricken with a look on his face of "oh sh*t, he was almost killed and it would've been my fault!"]
Gill: No... no... we're done.

Then, of course, don't forget to watch the closing credits. Instead of a series of fake outtakes, various characters from the movie appear and do things at the sides of the screen. Bloat (the pufferfish), Gurgle (the royal gramma (no, not grandma)) and Gill (the Moorish Idol (a kind of angelfish)) appear, Bloat gets puffed up, and Gurgle and Gill bounce him back and forth like a beach ball. Then Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. swims past wearing scuba gear!

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