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It's fascinating to read about food. Sample tidbits:

Eating is a big city in the center of the Ruhr area .

The project RUHR.2010 - Cultural Capital of Europe food is European Capital of Culture .

Apart from the pen of the food was Liudger around 800, founded the monastery becoming a center of late antique early Christian textual tradition.

The urban area consists of nine food districts .... See also: List of districts and neighborhoods of food

The average temperature in food is 9.6 ° C throughout the year. The rainfall is 829 millimeters. The coldest month is January with 1.5 ° C, the warmest month is July with 17.5 ° C. Most precipitation falls in August. Then the rainfall is 90 mm. Food is in the moderate area .

At the end of the 16th and at the beginning of the 17th century, food was shown to forge weapons.

Even after the Peace of Westphalia troops remain for a while, the last troops leave food on 9 September 1650th

Since 1822 food belonged to the Prussian Rhine Province .

air attacks on food
During World War II food industry because of its weapons is an important military target. Therefore, large parts of the city area were destroyed by air strikes. On 11 March 1943 at noon, the British Air Force flew the most serious attack on dinner at which about 80 mines, 1,000 high explosive bombs and 17,000 phosphorus incendiaries were dropped.

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