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I saw Finding Nemo again last night!

I was going to go into detail about what I loved about the movie, but then I found this review by Stephen Notley of Bob the Angry Flower fame and agreed completely with it. It explains very well why Finding Nemo is GREAT!

I almost didn't see the movie, though. If there were any ads for the movie that would've made me really want to see it, I must have missed them. The teasers and posters didn't excite me all that much. A fish searching for his lost son? Eh. And on the posters, I saw this blue fish with black coloration that bore a vague resemblance to Elvis's pompadour and I thought, oh great, an Elvis character, how freakin' original. And surfer-dude sea turtles? Hoo boy.


I decided to go because I heard good word-of-mouth and read a good review that made the movie sound more interesting. And boy, am I glad I changed my mind! Finding Nemo ROCKS. Rocks covered with coral and kelp gently waving in the ocean current with all sortsa colorful fish swimming by! Stephen Notley is right; the surfer-dude sea turtles are actually funny! The main turtle, Crush, comes off not as some shallow teenager, but more as an experienced ex-hippie surfer guru type. And that Elvis character? Not Elvis-like at all. Apparently that's actually what a regal blue tang fish looks like, I guess. The blue tang fish is Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. Yep, she's a fish. She helps Marlin the worried clownfish (Albert Brooks) find his son Nemo, and stop me before I go into any more detail about the movie and just read Stephen Notley's review above. Like I said, it rocks and is great.

Trailers before the movie: a teaser for Pixar's next big flick, called The Incredibles, in which we see an aging superhero trying to spring into action and having a damn hard time getting his belt fastened; Good Boy!, a movie about talking alien dogs visiting Earth; Spy Kids 3, in 3-D, in which Juni enters a total-immersion virtual-reality videogame which is really a diabolical trap to rescue his sister; Elf, in which Will Ferrell plays a human man (hey, that's typecasting!) who was raised as an elf at Santa's workshop, and he goes out in search of his real family; Looney Tunes: Back in Action, in which Bugs & Daffy team up with Brendan Fraser and Jenna Elfman to stop, um, some bad guy from, um, doing something involving some diamond; and Sinbad, an animated version of the Sinbad the Sailor story apparently.

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