A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Diary update: Anthrocon 2010, pp. 12-16

KT's Anthrocon 2010 Diary

Five new pages added to my cartoon diary of my trip to Toronto and then AC 2010:
  • Page 12: Tired eyes. How to go downtown in the rain?
  • Page 13: Took the subway downtown. Went to the CN Tower but it was too cloudy to go up. Returned to the hotel.
  • Page 14: Headed out. Saw Niagara Falls! Reentered the US. Pervy border guard. Burger King-- no, Red Lobster for dinner!
  • Page 15: Reached Pittsburgh. Checked in. Thursday: Brown Bag Deli. Supercaveman? Babs arrived. We stood in line and sang the Hoisting O Up Building song.
  • Page 16: Uncle Kage had a surprise, and he showed me and Babs first!

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