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Wacky Wikipedia meme

Nicked from deckardcanine.

Answer these personal questions with help from the Random Article button on Wikipedia!

1. What do you fear?

String exploits. Clever hackers plus online systems that don't properly sanitize their user input equals all sorts of mischief and mayhem!

2. What would you take with you to a desert island?

"Dimensions", a 2002 album by jazz band Octurn. Despite never having actually heard this album, I'm sure I'd never get tired of playing it.

3. What would you like as a wedding present?

Wheelock College. Sure, anyone can give dishes or bath towels, but there's no better way to say "Good luck to the happy newlyweds" than with the gift of a Boston coeducational institution.

4. What do you worship?

"The Secret Sense", by Isaac Asimov. Hey, if L. Ron Hubbard can start a religion based on his book "Dianetics", why can't I start a religion based on an early short story by another sci-fi author?

5. What is your secret obsession?

Browser Helper Objects. Do these IE plugins simply provide added functionality... or do they have a more sinister purpose? I must know!

6. What will you dream about tonight?

Elijah Hise. I have this recurring dream where I visit the Kentucky House of Representatives in 1829, meet Mr. Hise, and he gives me Wheelock College as a wedding gift.

7. What would you buy, if you could afford it?

Checupa. This is the most expensive genus of moths in the entire Noctuidae family... but well worth every penny!

8. What would you write a book about?

Linguistic frame of reference. The differences between spatial relational phrases such as "The cat is in front of the house", "The cat is to the south of the house", and "The cat is to the left of the house" are profound and fascinating.

9. What do you collect?

The Main Avenue Historic District in Durango, Colorado. It's not much of a collection, as there's only one of it, and the local government of Durango wouldn't actually permit me to take it home with me, but trust me, it's mine now, in some vague indefinable sense.

10. What do you associate your favorite memory with?

The 1999 US Open, Women's Singles. The day the final game was played was the day I added the Main Avenue Historic District in Durango, Colorado to my collection. Ahh, memories.

11. What's the most useless thing you know?

Clairol. Does she... or doesn't she? Pfft, not even her hairdresser gives a damn.

12. What's your favorite topic of conversation?

The Cavendish River in New Zealand. It is one of the southernmost rivers of the country's South Island, flowing south for 15 kilometres to reach Foveaux Strait on the southern coast of Fiordland. It's awesome and I never get tired of talking about it.

13. With what will you be working in your future profession?

Complementary sequences. Apparently I'm going to be some sort of highly theoretical mathematician.

14. What always makes you laugh?

The Prime Minister of Slovenia. Look at these guys: Lojze Peterle, Janez Drnovšek, Andrej Bajuk, Anton Rop, Janez Janša, Borut Pahor... man, what a bunch of cut-ups!

15. What always makes you cry?

"Genesis Live", the band's first live album. Man, "The Return of the Giant Hogweed" gets me right here every time... *sniff!*

16. What was the first thing you saw when you woke up?

Super Cr3w, a group of male B-boy dancers originating from Las Vegas, Nevada. I don't care if those guys won the 2nd season of America's Best Dance Crew, I'm beginning to regret hiring them to wake me up every morning. They keep knocking my nightstand over!

17. What do you have in your pocket?

Mitakeguchi Station. Those Japanese train stations are so compact you can stick one in your pants pocket and take it home with you!

18. What could you be replaced with so that nobody would even notice?

The Primera División de Fútbol Profesional Apertura 2001 season. Because I'm all the time winning Alianza F.C. its 8th league title after a 2-1 victory over C.D. Luis Angel Firpo in the final, so it's a perfect fit.

19. What were your first words?

"SD Juvenil". To this day my mom has no idea what I meant.

20. What will you be buried with?

The German rank of General of the Infantry. Not that I'll be posthumously made a German General, but that after I die, they'll stop having the rank, in my honor. It will be a touching and honorable gesture.

21. What do you keep hidden in the drawer of your nightstand?

The KOKBOROK TEI HUKUMU MISSION. Nothing like a little promotion and preservation of the culture of Tripura, India to lull me right to sleep.

22. What do you love most in the world?

5274 Degewij. It is the most kick-awesome asteroid in the entire main belt!

23. What would you write a hit song about?

Lena Constante. What better subject for a hit song than a Romanian artist, essayist, memoirist and stage designer who became a political prisoner? And besides, there are a lot of words that rhyme with "Constante". It'll be #1 on the charts!

24. What can you see outside your window right now?

Misprision. Someone out there is concealing an act of treason! Hey, you, cut that out! You go report that treason to the magistrate right this minute!

25. What are you really?

The 1983 IMSA GT Championship auto racing season. Vroooooom!

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