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Find the fish! (also, Movie Face)

Saw Finding Nemo today! It was great and I loved it! The underwater effects look so real I felt like I was really underwater! (Except I could breathe.) I liked the characters so much I went to the Disney store and bought Finding Nemo figurines and a Nemo plushie! (Wish they had Marlin plushies, though. It'd look just like a Nemo plushie but bigger, more mature, and with two normal-size fins.)

A digression about a strange phenomenon:

I've got this mental quirk where after I see a movie, I find myself vaguely feeling like I have the face of the main character. It's like the character's face temporarily overrides my own in my subconscious mental self-image or something. Like when I came out of the theater after seeing "Finding Nemo", in my idle moments I kept feeling like Marlin, and I had to sort of snap out of it and remind myself that I did not have a big orange face with two huge worried-looking eyes and no nose. This of course is not a problem if the main character is good-looking (I walked out of Memento feeling like Guy Pearce), but it's less fun to have to keep poking my brain to stop making me visualize myself as Shrek or Gollum.

Similarly, if I spend all day engaged in some activity, as I lie in bed that night, I'll keep feeling like I'm still doing it. This happened a lot as a kid with swimming or rollerskating, and the last time I went to the Exploratorium in San Francisco, I lay in my hotel bed that night trying to fall asleep and every now and then getting the vague impression of walking through a huge warehouse-like space, getting glimpses out of the corners of my eyes of people spinning things. (A lot of the exhibits involve spinning something around, like the big bicycle-wheel gyroscope or the zoetrope.)

Anybody else ever feel anything like that?

So anyway, after the movie I went to the Galleria to sit and work on the RCFM diary (which is almost finished! It'll be finished some time this week.), go to the Disney store to find Nemo, and have dinner at Ninfa's. Now I'm a happy fishie that's stuffed with tacos! *BURRRP*

Er... turtle. Yeah. Notafishie.

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