A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Toronto to Niagara Falls to Pittsburgh

So this morning I packed up and left Toronto (after driving around looking for a gas station and finding one on the Danforth). Fortunately the Big G20 Freeway Shutdown hadn't started yet and I didn't have to deviate from my planned route.

I pulled off the road somewhere along the QEW to look for lunch, and found a sushi place. I was their first customer of the day! Mmm, sushi at 11:00 am. Sure beats fast food.

Then I headed down to Niagara Falls. I parked at the base of the Skylon, walked down a steep hill, crossed the street and started taking pictures of the gigantic sheets of falling water visible across the river. I'll put them up later, like next week someday.

Then I drove further along the QEW and crossed the bridge into Buffalo, NY. I sat there in the sloooooooow-moving line, wondering what fate would befall me at the hands of Mr. Customs Man (don't touch my bags, if you please). He asked me a few questions, looked at my driver's license and passport, then directed me to turn off the car and hand him my keys. He opened the trunk and started pawing through my stuff. He seemed interested only in printed matter. He flipped through a notebook with a purple cover that I haven't done much with yet. He flipped through The Book of Mutants. He opened my small suitcase and flipped through my Hidato puzzle book. Then, without asking permission, he flipped through my private little sketchbook of porn that I keep by my bedside and only show to trusted friends. Then he shoved it all back in and asked me what I do for a living (I told him "freelance cartoonist").

Then he gave me my keys, DL and passport back and said, "Have a nice day."

I drove on, relieved that he didn't make me get out of my car or pick apart my entire personal life like those assholes in Sarnia did. Still, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

I've decided I'm never leaving the country again. Babs, thank you for showing me around Toronto. I did have a fun time, and I wish I could visit again someday, but I'm sorry, I'm not willing to risk putting up with that sort of invasion of my privacy ever again.

Anyway, I drove on, through New York and into Pennsylvania. Looking for a place to eat dinner, I found a big blue service sign that mentioned a Burger King at the next exit. I pulled off the interstate and drove around, and saw the Burger King on the left... and a Red Lobster on the right. I decided to continue my streak of skipping fast food. Mmm, broiled tilapia.

Eventually I arrived in Pittsburgh and checked into the Westin, where I am now. There's a buncha furries here already! The con doesn't even actually start for another two days! Ahh, furries. I love you guys. :}

See you after the con!

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