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Oooooo!! I found a thingy I've been wanting and needing and stuff!


This page contains a Flash animation which automates the process of solving a cryptogram! (That's not to say it can solve cryptograms for you; merely that it does all the tedious letter-substituting drudgework.) It's got a cryptogram at the top, and a set of alphabet buttons below (unused letters to the left, used letters to the right). You click on the alphabet buttons two at a time, and it swaps those letters around in the cryptogram. Not only

It comes preloaded with an Ambrose Bierce quote from the Devil's Dictionary; a different one each day, apparently. But you can delete the text and type or paste in your own, and thus solve cryptograms from other sources, or make your own! You can use it to rot-13 text, too.

Here's one I made:
Urko y fyi y mrta yig ped ayko mog arf mel y gyp, hdv urko arf y syto em gpiyfrvo yig teei vao krnnyuo zrnn ho taezolog zrva fdg yig toyzoog yig dirgoivrmryhno sadict em mrta.

Ooops but I suck because I totally forgot to credit mr_fu for showing me the Fool's Errand site in the first place. Thanks, Mr. Fu!

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