A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Cat door

Cat door.

We need a cat door.

Mom has less mobility these days. She can still walk around, but not for great lengths at a time, and she has difficulty getting out of her chair. So lately she's been calling me out of my room every time the cat wants in or out.

And I'm going on two trips this summer (not counting the cruise we're both going on). And one will be a road trip, and I'll be away for two weeks. So Mom has decided she wants to put in a cat door so George can come and go as she pleases. (Yup, we have a cat, and her name is George.)

She was not looking forward to having a hole cut in the back door, though... until she came up with the idea of putting it in the window. Then, she thought, we could block off the space to the sides with boards.

Then I did some searching online, and discovered that there's a company that makes pet doors meant to be installed in windows! So I ordered one. The only delivery option they listed was FedEx, so it should hopefully arrive tomorrow, or maybe Tuesday.

In the meantime, we need to set up platforms for George to get up to the window on. So far, I found an old ottoman and put it on the low table under the window. The top of it is level with the windowsill; it's perfect! Today I introduced George to the idea that she's allowed on top of it. And once I raised the blind so she could see out into the backyard, she LOVED it! Here's hoping it's easy to train her to use the door. (And, more importantly, to remember that door is there and not yowl at us to let her in or out anymore!)

Phase 2, later this week: Getting that old filing cabinet out of the garage to serve as the outdoor platform.

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