A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Hello, Minch

According to an article in today's Houston Chronicle called Happy 30th, Empire Strikes Back, Yoda's full name was originally going to be Minch Yoda. And Luke was supposed to call him "Minch".

Good thing they changed it. "Minch" sounds too close to "Mitch", which reminds me of the Animaniacs cartoon "Drive-Insane".

"Welcome to the Snackaterium! I'm... uhh... Minch! Your order, can I help? Mean I, order, can you... mean I... start over, let me, okay? Welcome to the Snackaterium. Minch, I am! Your order, can I *have*?"
"Ja, hello, Minch. Give me a schmall popcorn..."
"Small have we not."
"Vell zen, give me a medium."
"Medium have we not."
"Vell, vhat DO you hev?"
"Large, Super Chubby, and Double Super Chubby... have we."
"Vell zen, isn't a large a schmall?"
"Uh... ask my manager, I must."
"Never mind. Chust give me a large popcorn."
"Fries with that, want you?"
"Vhy vould I vant fries vith popcorn?!"
"Uh... ask my manager, I must."

...Come to think of it, isn't there an artist named Mary Minch?

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