A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Guess the badly-described plots!

There's this meme going around in which you describe a bunch of movies, TV shows, books, comic strips, videogames, etc., in confusing, silly, and even unappealing-sounding terms, and let people guess what they are. It started with people copying descriptions from TV Tropes' Better Than It Sounds page, but then people started making up their own, with an emphasis on making it hard to guess.

So, guess what these things are!

1. A bully with four arms cannot be fed by a community, hates his brother, and gets devoured by predatory birds. -- guessed by frameacloud

2. Dorky-looking men with colorful names hijack a conveyance that cannot be steered. -- guessed (close enough) by penh

3. A family man's island vacation is cut short by a malfunctioning machine. Meanwhile, he is hated intensely by an inventor. -- guessed by athelind

4. A gay man invites a concert to town, but never gets to see it. -- guessed by penh

5. A hungry, rotund man is plagued by ghosts. -- guessed by barberio

6. A man physically assaults a mail carrier, consumes excessive quantities of food, and becomes unconscious, all on a regular basis. -- guessed by the_gneech

7. A nobleman takes lessons in cooking and humility while he and his teacher are both nude. -- guessed by darksasami

8. An old woman interferes in and manipulates people's lives, and feeds them unidentifiable foodstuffs. They don't seem to mind. -- guessed by ipslore

9. A powerful man is forced to wear wool. A mayor has mixed feelings about helping him. -- guessed by athelind

10. A religious man is kicked out of his house and bribed by a Korean boy. -- guessed by wbwolf

11. Three birds enter a contest. One of them seeks help from a self-described dead bird, but the contest is won by a stoner. -- guessed by athelind

12. Two men argue, one gets hurt a lot, and they destroy many household objects and buildings. -- guessed by mocha_mephooki

13. A very thin dog must use his gift of gab to impress a vegetable, a ruminant, an amphibian, a bird, and an insect. -- guessed by mocha_mephooki and electronin


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