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Trying to start a dead minivan in a heatwave

Oh yeah, so anyway, yesterday I dealt with cars. Mom and Dad drove to Rice University (where Dad works) to take their weekly stroll around campus for exercise purposes. When they were done, they found the minivan wouldn't start. And Mom had a doctor's appointment, aargh! (Nothing really serious; it was for an infection on her leg.) So she got a ride to the doctor from... um, somebody, and Dad got a ride home to get to his own car.

Meanwhile, I woke up and went out to run some errands: I had photos from RCFM to pick up, I wanted to buy some wall hangers, and Mom wanted me to buy stuff from the bakery and do some grocery shopping. So I did all that, except for the grocery shopping. I decided to stop at home before going to the supermarket to drop off the bakery goods, and Mom was there, telling me about her minivan sitting dead in the Rice parking lot. She wanted me to go to Rice with Dad to deal with it, because she needed to stay home and keep her feet elevated.

So Dad came home and picked me up, and we went to Rice, and I tried starting the van. Nothing. No sound or activity at all. Also, it was freaking HOT as an OVEN. Houston's having a heat wave right now!

Dad had asked Frank, a graduate student, to help by trying to jumpstart the van. So I rolled down the van's windows (not like anybody could steal it, anyway) and we went up to the physics department to get Frank. He came down and got his SUV and drove it next to the van, and hooked up jumper cables. I sat in the van (which was now hot as an oven that had recently been on and was sitting with the door open) and tried to start it while Frank ran his engine. The van starter made clicking noises, but the engine never turned over. Also, Dad stood in front of the vehicles, getting blasted by waves of hot air off Frank's engine. Boy, this was a hot sweaty process for all of us!

So anyway, we left the van there and took the valet key to Eric's Exxon and told them where to find the vehicle so they could tow it. It was sitting in the parking lot that requires keycard access, but fortunately Eric's Exxon has an account with Rice and didn't need Dad to let them in, so they could tow it at their leisure.

Dad and I went home, all sweaty and everything.

Well, today, Eric's Exxon called and said the van was fixed! So Dad drove me over there and I drove the van home. Then I took a much-needed shower and went out in my own car to get the grocery shopping done. The weatherman said it might reach 100 degrees out there! Dunno if it was, but it was sure hot.

Then Dad watched a baseball game on TV that took place up in Chicagoland, where people could clearly be seen in the stands bundled up in parkas and blankets. The mind, if any, boggles.

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