A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

At the movies: Alice in Wonderland

Today I saw Disney's Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland". It looks great and the effects are marvelous, but it is a bit strange to see characters like the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat having an actual plot instead of making total nonsense. The Red Queen has taken over and lain waste to Wonderland (actually called Underland), and Alice must defeat her by slaying the Jabberwock (or Jabberwocky as they keep calling it).

Trailers I saw:
"Diary of a Wimpy Kid" - I haven't read the book it's based on and don't really know anything about it.
"The Karate Kid" - I didn't know this was a remake at first, and I thought, "Damn, this is just like Karate Kid." When the Chinese guy tells the kid to take his jacket off, hang it up, then put it back on, over and over, I said, "Now show me... wax on, wax off!" Then the title came up. "Oh, it *is* Karate kid." But wait, he's in China, learning kung fu, not karate...
"How to Train Your Dragon"/"Toy Story 3" - It's so nice to see new trailers for these movies after I got sick of the first ones while seeing "The Princess and the Frog" over and over again! I'm looking forward to these, especially TS3.
"Legend of the Guardians" - some sort of epic fantasy story... with owls. Animated by the same company as "Happy Feet". Can owls in fact be epic? They just might!
"TRON" - Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Experiment 1: An experiment was carried out to determine the feasibility of bringing my own melted butter to the theatre rather than using the fake stuff they have there. I put a big gob of butter in a Ziploc bag, punched a small hole near one corner, sealed it up inside another bag, put it inside a Thermos with the punched corner at the top, and filled the Thermos with hot tap water. By the time I got to the theatre, the butter was melted. I bought a small popcorn, opened the Thermos, fished out the bag with bamboo toast tongs, took out the inner bag, and carefully squeezed the butter out through the holes at the corner.
Problems: The outer bag was wet and messy to deal with. The butter squirted out through the two holes in opposite directions, and I had to be very gentle to avoid squirting it out sideways onto the table (which happened once). Finally, the same problem as with fake butter: it doesn't trickle down. It all ends up on the popcorn at the top, while the rest of the bag ends up dry. Further research is needed. Write that down in your copybook now.

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